Things to Consider Before Buying an RC Car

Before buying an RC car, there are many things to consider. First being aware of the different types that are available which are each hold a specific purpose. Battle cars are made for shooting and combat. Stunt cars are designed for spinning, hill climbing, and other stunts that are great to see visually. Cars for racing are buggies and crawlers are made for rocky terrains. Lastly, there’s on and off road vehicles. On road is best for smooth surfaces and carpet, whereas off road is suitable for rough and bumpy terrains.


Cost is a huge factor to consider before purchasing. Brushless motors tend to cost much more than brushed ones because they have the ability to run faster. Keep in mind though, that having a fast running car requires someone who has more skill at controlling it. Because of this, beginners aren’t recommended to control these cars. The best piece of advice to research the one you are interested, as well as other alternatives, within your budget. From there, purchase the one that suits your needs and finances best.


With researching cars, it is also suggested to check the brands before making a purchase. Tamiya is one of the most trusted brands as they have been producing RC cars for many decades. Recognizable brand names alone can tell you must about the quality and performance of their products. Other well known brands are Heng Long and TaiGen.

Body Type

When buying an RC car it is also helpful to know what body type you are looking for. There are mainly two different types that cars have, metallic and plastic. The metallic body types tend to be more expensive and if you are looking to race, they may be a bit slower due to the weight. Plastic body types are light and less expensive. However, if you are looking for something more durable you may turn back to choosing metallic.


RC vehicles showcase some of the most realistic features on cars, such as smoke and sounds. Knowing what features you want will help narrow down which car is best suited for your needs. Ones that release smoke must have a recoil system in them. Think about where you will be using your vehicle and keep in mind how loud it is able to be in that environment.


Like other electronics, the battery is something to pay attention to before making a purchase.  Understand how long the charge time is and how long the battery lasts when it is fully charged. If you want to avoid the hassle of charging then choosing a nitro-powered engine is more suitable.

The Remote Control

Finally, one of the most important factors to consider before buying an RC car is the remote control. This should be something you are comfortable with using. Of course the more practice you have, the more familiar you will become with it. It’s recommended for beginners to choose a something you’ve used before, such as a joystick control like with video games.

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